Tra le strade (e le feste) londinesi di persone belle se ne vedono…amo quell’isola piovosa!
On the London’s ways (and parties) there are many good looking people…I love that rainy island!

A caccia di scarpe a Camden Town, la mia attenzione viene decisamente catturata dall’oro.
Hunting shoes in Camden Town, mine attention is captured by something gold.

Brick Lane.

London Fields.

Vice party, Shoreditch.

Do you know the Man Like Me? Well..I only knew a song before to go to Pure Groove. There I too fiew pics of them without know who they was…only when they started to sing I knew why they was laughing at me while I was taking the pictures of them eheheh.. But I loved them!

Camden Town, the urban and democratic catwalk of fashion lovers, punk and lot of other unbeliveable and exhilaranting people.

Brick Lane, in one of not so rare rainy day…but Ryban sunglasses (fake or original) are perfect.
By AnnaD.

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