Another “product” of London College of Fashion, this Danish fashion designer delivers his unique  point of view about menswear since his graduation in 2009.
I am surprised to see myself writing about menswear, in general I am instinctively attracted by womenswear.
I think that it is just because it is easier to imagine myself in women clothes, it comes more natural.
I like to consider Asgel Juel Larsen my personal exception.


I have been at his SS12 fashion show, I was there, sat in second row and the only think I could think was: “God this guy is amazing! He deserves to be here!”
As in every Asger’s collection also in his last work there is this clear intention to talk about a different man: an androgynus creature, aggressive, openly cheeky, a boy that seems to say “man, I don’t give a sh*** about what you’re thinking of me”, because whether the reaction of people is positive or negative Asger’s man KNOWS that he will be noticed anyway.


I like the fact that this designer is not worried to put together more than one style and historical references, even conflicting, in the same collection: if something is inspiring, why do not use it?
In his works I don’t see the classic man in a siut, perfectly clean, charming and sexually attractive in a classical way. I actually see a man more “real”, who comes from the reality
but also an outsider.


The melt of styles and the use of unusual materials attracts me, to be honest this type of man catch my attention more that the classic one. I would like to wear some of those clothes, and I am pretty sure that this is the reason why, for once, I like menswear.
And I have this vague feeling that I will always enjoy Asger Juel Larsen’s creations.

More info www.asgerjuellarsen.com

By Anna De Agnoi


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