Originally situated at 153 Kings Road (London SW3), Boy London was born in 1976 from the creativity of Stephane Raynor. It could not be better time: mid seventies punks dressed Boy London as much as they wore SEX by Vivienne Westwood and Malcom McLaren, and thanks to them the label became the symbol of rebellious British youth.



From the revloution on the streets to the top of success: during the 80’s this brand wore not only kids all over the world but also celebrities as Boy George, Elton John, Madonna, The Pet Shop Boys.



After being in the shadow for a while, lately Boy London is been succesfully re-launched, and here in London we start again to see young alternative people wearing proudly the “Eagle” label, while on TV we can see celebrities as Rihanna and Jessie J showing Boy London clothes in their music videos.



Rihanna / Jessie J


Congratulations Boy London, we like it!

More info www.boylondon.com

Where to buy: “Sick” shop – 105 Redchurch street, London E2 7DL – www.cde.cerosmedia.com/esper-online-magazine/1L4a7c35ff09ce7012.cde/page/49

By Anna D.


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