This space is dedicated to MELODRAMMA, a serie of cute and low cost hand made creations.

MELODRAMMA is a new brand made in Italy and comes from the brilliant mind of one of my best friends, Marta De Faveri.

Born in one of the most beautiful places of north Italy, Sanremo (in Liguria), the City of flowers, in 1987, and always with the passion of art and design, Marta is graduated in Fashion&Textile design in NABA Academy (Milan).

Her own brand, MELODRAMMA, wants to be a sincere and mature expression of  hand made  and low cost products, made with different techniques and materials, from machine-sewn creations to knitwear.

Here the first MELODRAMMA’s result: a serie of cases in cotton canvas and maxi zips in neon colors. They are really simple on the outside, good for a personal customization in case someone want to give a touch of personality, but with a colored lining on the inside. At the moment the dimensions for all are 21cm x 13cm, but in future there will be more colors and dimensions.



By Anna D.


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