I admit it: I am jealous of Maria Francesca Pepe.
Born in Foggia (Italy) in 1979, after her graduation in Fashion Design at Marangoni in Milan, in 2003 she moves to London to complete her studies at Central Saint Martins.
She represents everything I would like to become: Italian, perfectly established in London, where she lives and works on her succesfull “Jewellery-Wear”, in my opinion amazing creations in line with trends but also with a unique taste and style.
You can recognize a MFP piece because she puts herself in each creation.
Her collections are entirely realised by italian artisans, but the inspiration is openly Londoner.



You can actually WEAR her jewels, as a concrete and important part of your outfit.
Modern and traditional coexist, this is why her creations are so appreciated more and more after every new collection.
I am an “editorials addicted”, I would like to be a stylist and because of this I often keep myself posted, looking at websites as The Ones 2 Watch or Fashion156.com and in most of the photoshootings I see there is at least one MFP’s piece.


I think I will always like the creations of this talented young woman and, as an Italian who lives in London, following an ambicious dream, I like to look at Maria Francesca Pepe as the perfect example of the dream that came true (and this is also the only reason why I am positively jealous of her :D).
Well done MFP!

More info www.mariafrancescapepe.com / www.mfpepe.com

By Anna D.

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