Happy Family (by Gabriele Salvatores – Italy 2010 – with Fabio De Luigi, Valeria Bilello, Diego Abatantuono, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Margherita Buy, Carla Signoris)
“Tutti i personaggi di questo film hanno paura di qualcosa… in genere paura di vivere, paura degli altri, paura di soffrire, ma anche di provare piacere. E, come se non bastasse, sono solo i personaggi di un film, quello che stiamo vedendo, scritto da uno sceneggiatore che preferisce scrivere una storia d’amore invece che innamorarsi.
Il film si chiama ‘Happy Family’. La “famiglia” siamo noi, tutti noi che stiamo facendo insieme questo viaggio in questi anni, su questo pianeta. La felicità è qualcosa a cui avremmo diritto e che, a volte, noi stessi ci neghiamo.
Questo film cerca di guardare la vita con un sorriso, e gli altri – i nostri compagni di viaggio – con un pò di disponibilità e tenerezza. Perché sarebbe bello che questa FAMILY diventasse un pò più HAPPY // All the characters of this movie are afraid of something…fear of living, scared of the others, scared of suffering, but also fear of feeling pleasure. And, to make matters worse, they are only characters of a movie, the one we are watching, written by a screenwriter who prefers to write a love story instead of fall in love himself. The movie is called ‘Happy Family’. We are the “family”, all of us that we are doing this journey all together in these years, in this planet. Happiness is something we have the right to have and that, sometimes, we deny to ourselves. This movie try to look at Life with a smile, and the others, our  journey mates, with a little bit of willingness and tenderness. Because it would be good if this FAMILY become a little bit more HAPPY“.
 The director Gabriele Salvatores

Amazing comedy that takes place in an extremely colourful and warm Milan.
It is difficult to find an italian movie so positive and ironic but also with a serious and real side.
I know…it is not one of the most famous movies in the world, I actually think that it is pretty popular only in Italy and if you try to watch it in streaming 1.there are no subtitles for those who are not italian 2.it is difficult to find it also in italian, and that is a shame (Fabio De Luigi is amazingly hilarious!), but I felt the duty to publish it, at least for the style of the characters.
I loved it and I really would like to give a big hug to the stylist, Patrizia Chericoni, for the great choice of the outfits (specially for Caterina’s outfits)!

With this movie I miss Milan.

And here some looks taken from that nice movie…

LOOK ONE – Caterina –

1.Zara 2.belt River Island 3.Zara 4.Zara 5.hairpins Topshop 6.bracelet Tiffany

LOOK TWO – Marta –

1.Urban Outfitters 2.River Island 3.Accessorize 4.Dr Martens 5.striped tights


1.suit jacket Whistles 2.skirt Zara 3.Karen Millen (Selfridges) 4.Zara 5.belt Yves Saint-Laurent

LOOK FOUR – Ezio –

1.Ray-Ban 2.The Old Bicycle Showroom 3.The Kooples 4.The Kooples 5.Topman

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By Anna D.


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