Rear Window (by Alfred Hitchcock – USA 1954 – with James Steward, Grace Kelly, Wendell Corey and Thelma Ritter).

This is definitely one of my favourite movies ever. I must say that: forget all the other movies made after that one and built on the same line and story…they are nothing compared to the original one, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, a genious, and they only contribute to diminish its importance and beauty.

I always watch it during summer time, it helps me to feel more inside the story: everyone seems to be always overheated because of the heat of a really hot summer, except for the always impeccable Grace Kelly. Speaking about her: one of the most beautiful icons of cinema history, shows in this movie a total of five outfits and everytime I enjoy and envy every single one. The costume designer? Edith Head, who designed and created outfits working for the Paramount Pictures and then the Universal Studios for over 40 years.

I will never stop to recommending this movie built on style and suspence…and much more, just watch it!

Hello Alfred! Here Alfred Hitchcock (left) shows up in one of the scenes of the movie, a traditional move that he repeats in every single movie.


1.River Island  2.American Apparel  3.Topshop  4.River Island  5.Love  6.Tiffany  7.Yves Saint Laurent


1.Topshop  2.belt H&M  3.DKNY  4.blouse Valentino  5.Topshop  6.River Island


1.Debenhams  2.Miu Miu  3.Metradamo  4.Topshop  5.Yoko Style  6.Yves Saint Laurent  7.Zara


1.BHLDN  2.Dorothy Perkins  3.Topshop  4.Dorothy Perkins


1.COS  2.Urban Outfitters  3.Zara

By Anna D.


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