For those who do not know it the name of the brand COS stands for Collection Of Style. Launched in 2007 as part of H&M Group, this Scandinavian brand is quickly taking its own space into the world of Fashion, and not only. In fact, with the Timeless Design concept and the constant collaboration with Scandinavian designers, COS does not give you only something to wear but offers you a proper way of life.


Clean lines, straight shapes, (neutral) color blocks, few and studied prints, geometric patterns, combination of classic with innovative fabrics, attention to details, high manufacturing and quality at affordable prices. This is what COS is and what we like about it. The major goal of this brand is that every collection goes beyond current trends for the love of what they call Timeless Design, that gives you products that will never appear “out-of-date” and that you can combine with everything you have in your closet and fit with your own style, whatever it might be. Suitable for every target age and, as we said, for every sort of personal taste in Fashion, COS, season after season, provides to itself a good place in the world of Fashion and Design.


For these (very good) reasons, and for a lot more once you will start to wear (and live) COS, we thought it would be worth spending a few words about this brand. Now it is up to you believe us or not (even if we think you will at the end 🙂 ).





By Anna D.


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