Minimalist and poetic, a thoughtful mix of materials and different inspitarions coming from architecture, design, art.                       This is what defines Damir Doma‘s collections. Juxtaposition and layering define the human body: no shapes, just a studied melange of textures and a personal and precise way to give proportions. Both men and women can wear each other clothes, but still they do not lose their own identity of man and woman: he still has a conscousness of classic elegance but he is also fun and relaxed, she is strong, confident and witha new sense of femininity, more contemporary and complex, as the man’s one.

Doma perfectly interpretes the current reality and the fast paced world in which we live, and the way he translates this view through his clothes is unique and invaluable.

Damir Doma, our most appreciated Designer Of The Month.










By Anna D.


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