This is just to remind everyone what the 31st of October represent for most of us in the world (as if no one knew!).

Originally born as a Celtic pagan celebration of the end of Summer, Halloween is today celebrated all over the world during the night in between the 31st of October and the 1st of November. What fascinates me more is the fact that the Celts believed that only during this night the dead came back into the living world to visit their families..it is something magical and frightful at the same time.

Anyway, let us leave aside all the history about this day (Wikipedia exists for this reason 🙂 ). What we want to celebrate is what Goosebumps Mag likes more: creativity.

So have a look of our selection of Halloween costumes taken from Pinterest. And, if you want to be more unconventional, then Vice Magazine UK will give you what you are looking for (we love them!).

Happy Halloween!

By Anna D.

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