Despite the name, what these guys create season by season is anything but depressing. And they actually choosed this name on purpose: as we read from their bio, Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh, a Singapore duo, ‘Depression was born to combat ‘depression’ [by the corporate struggle] through the creation of pieces that are always entertaining and never depressing’.

Each collection, presented with a medical theme, is exciting, unique and, of course, far from being depressing. What I like more about Depression’s products? SHOES! Amazingly out of the ordinary, I have been pleasantly stunned by their AW12 shoes collection, now available at solestruck.com.

Definitely Depression is for those who don’t want be depressed.





DepressionAW12   DepressionAW12

DepressionAW12   DepressionAW12

DepressionAW12   DepressionAW12

DepressionAW12   DepressionAW12

By Anna D.


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