If in New York there was “variety” in London it seems that there is a common will to keep things “minimal” but adding a touch of “eccentricity”. From the shows you can see the British rock style, the grown-up and impeccable one, mixed with some Boho-Chic style, that surprisingly they do not clash with the equally British class and proud dignity. Oversize is the key word.

London’s (and British) history is all here: joung AND slick, cheeky AND stylish…not two different and detached worlds, but two sides of the same coin.

Our favourites? Look at the selection!

Eudon Choi

Eudon Choi  Eudon Choi  Eudon Choi  Eudon Choi

John Rocha

John Rocha  John Rocha  John Rocha  John Rocha

Kokon To Zai


Mattew Williamson

Mattew Williamson  Mattew Williamson  Mattew Williamson  Mattew Williamson


Mulberry  Mulberry  Mulberry  Mulberry  Mulberry  Mulberry

Paul Smith

Paul Smith  Paul Smith  Paul Smith  Paul Smith  Paul Smith  Paul Smith

Richard Nicoll

Richard Nicoll  Richard Nicoll  Richard Nicoll  Richard Nicoll  Richard Nicoll  Richard Nicoll

Sister by Sibling

Sister by Sibling  Sister by Sibling  Sister by Sibling  Sister by Sibling  Sister by Sibling  Sister by Sibling

Topshop Unique

Unique  Unique  Unique  Unique  Unique  Unique

By Anna D.


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