The first ones have a great passion for the Victorian Age, the second ones take thier inspiration from Sicilian culture and Italian traditions. What Meadham Kirchhoff and Dolce&Gabbana’s AW13/14 collections have in common is this this deep interest and research into the religious and cultual field.

Gothic and austere but with a “futuristic” sight given by the use of modern fabrics is Meadham Kirchhoff’s collection: black and white are the main colours, mixed with touches of gold and silver. More connected with the medieval popular culture and Byzantine art, along with the typical 50’s Italian woman, is Dolce&Gabbana’s style: extremely detailed and full of echoes of South Italy’s traditions such as the veneration of saints and holy icons, where light and earthy colours do not clash with lace, grey, black and deep red.

The result: Meadham Kirchhoff’s woman appears severe and extremely modern at the same time, almost glorious in her purity, on the other hand what Dolce&Gabbana show us is a more “earthly” Holy Mary, a campy and sensual woman, through which tradition becomes glamorous.

Blasphemous? Not when it comes to fashion and the result is so amazingly exciting!

Meadham Kirchhoff

Meadham Kirchhoff   Meadham Kirchhoff   Meadham Kirchhoff   Meadham Kirchhoff   Meadham Kirchhoff   Meadham Kirchhoff   Meadham Kirchhoff   Meadham Kirchhoff


Dolce&Gabbana  Dolce&Gabbana  Dolce&Gabbana  Dolce&Gabbana  Dolce&Gabbana  Dolce&Gabbana  Dolce&Gabbana  Dolce&Gabbana  Dolce&Gabbana  Dolce&Gabbana  Dolce&Gabbana  Dolce&Gabbana  Dolce&Gabbana  Dolce&Gabbana

By Anna D.

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