They are an hybrid between a proper shoe and a sandal, for some you can just say that “there is something missing”, but it is always on purpose.

My latest obsession are segmented shoes, a genious and fresh way to re-invent “winter” and classic shoes, such as ankle boots and Oxford shoes. Like some art works in Surrealism and Abstractism where you need to look at the whole thing to see the real image, this kind of shoes are made just by listings and outline, empty spaces wisely connected by straps, transparent plastic, vinyl or pvc…but still you can see their “original” shape, if you look at the whole shoe.

I like the idea, plus you can wear and show nice socks…just to add a trend to another (see The detail that makes the difference – Knee Socks).






Kenzo @solestruck.com

The Damned

The Damned @solestruck.com


Deandri @solestruck.com


D by D @solestruck.com

alexander wang

Alexander Wang

cheap monday

Cheap Monday

& other stories

& Other Stories

& other stories

& Other Stories

& other stories

& Other Stories



By Anna D.


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