There is something fascinating about a man wearing a suit. The whole person seems to change and suddenly (but not always, let’s be clear about that 🙂 ) he magically switches from Fred Flintstone to James Bond.

But what for me currently is even more fascinating than the classic suit is something similar but with that little fancy touch that always makes me look at the things in a different way. What is that? Well, basically it is the usual classic suit but with short trousers instead of the long ones. It gives you the same charming and spotless man, but with a side a little more…easy? Cheeky? Smart? Versatile? Sexy? Decide yourself what side you like more. I personally choose them all!

And always remember: (and this also applies to the classic one) the final look depends on how the suit is wore.

topman design

Topman Design



diesel black gold

Diesel Black Gold

all saints

All Saints

andrea incontri

Andrea Incontri



carlos campos

Carlos Campos



damir doma

Damir Doma

daniele alessandrini

Daniele Alessandrini

By Anna D.


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