I was, and I still am, really attracted by Ter et Bantine and Hache, two italian labels that have that kind of timeless, androgynous but feminine style that always conquers me and that I will never be bored of.

I could see some similarities between the two of them but what I did not completely realized was that they actually come both from the unique and pragmatic mind of Manuela Arcari. This introvert and private woman, has realized her own collections (Ter et Bantine first, followed by Hache some years later) since 1992, after twelve years of work into Fashion. She now is becoming, through her labels, a very respectable designer, showing her collections also in New York.

But, since she does not talk much about herself, let’s know her better through her designs.

Ter et Bantine “is a style – reductionist and raw, concrete and cerebral, pure, subtle – in which what is not there is just as important, or maybe more important, of what is there. Manuela Arcari is the author: her precise, decisive look of a woman who creates womenswear does not translate into a formula; in fact, she offers infinite ways of being. […] She designs for a woman who is real, not fictional, living real-life, concrete situations. [..] Design is controlled but not monastic; pureness, sometimes, opens up to decorative abandon, in a new way. The tone is assertive, but not oppressive; severity includes grace, femininity has the dry anti-romanticism of masculinity. The expression is fluid: an open, inclusive language. Manuela Arcari knows when to stop. She also knows that silence speaks volumes, and seduces. Simplicity, after all, is complex, full of nuances.”

Hache, a bit more “contemporary”, “has developed a versatile and eclectic style perfectly in sync with today’s enterprising and self-assured women, who, however, love playing with their image and femininity: they are romantic or sensual, masculine or ethnic, but always attracted by informal exclusive look.”

Manuela Arcari created exactly what we are always looking for: true beauty.

Ter Et Bantine – AW 13/14


Ter Et Bantine – SS 13


Hache – AW 13/14


Hache – SS13


By Anna D.


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