COS - Salone del Mobile

What we find particularly interesting about the “creative arts” in general is the fact that they can easily interact with each other: when two or more arts cross their paths the experience of all of them is even more strong and efficient.

The Fashion design field, in particular, with the sociological and anthropological side of an art that grow and changes and influences the changes of the society itself, has the power to take from the other arts all the inspiration needed to be as much appealing as possible.

This is the case of the interesting interaction between Cinema&Fashion that we notice when we watch a movie, or between Fashion and Art when we spot interesting cuts and prints/patterns on clothes or when a window display is like an art installation, or also between Fashion and life itself, as we can see from blogs like The Sartorialist, where the inspiration comes from people themselves.

COS is the perfect example of a fashion brand that takes massive inspiration from art in general and interior and industrial design in particular. COS often collaborates and sponsors design, by using products of designers in the stores as part of the forniture, and often creating design installation for the window displays.

The Salone del Mobile in Milan is the perfect place, and a very important opportunity, to show (and see) design products coming from Italy and abroad. In there, for the second year, COS has found its place: a pop-up concept store created by French design duo Bonsoir Paris where Architecture, Fashion and Industrial Design have been put together to show, once again, how eclectic and inspiring (and inspired) this Scandinavian brand is. Always have an eye on COS, we expect even greater things!

COS - Salone del Mobile

COS - Salone del Mobile

By Anna D.

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