Volta Footwear SS13

As an obsessive-compulsive shoes addict as I am, I am always looking for nice and particular shoes. I once saw some Volta shoes in Milan back in 2010 and from that moment I knew that this footwear brand would become one of my favourite ones.

And I had all the reasons to keep an eye to Volta, because currently it actually still is a brand that produces very good shoes.

Born in 2008, the italian shoes Volta are now becoming quite popular, thanks to their high quality and a really singular aesthetic. Coming from a “urban” background, Volta shoes are made for the busy lifestyle of the city, where walking, rushing and sometimes also running are a priority, that have to match with a stylish appearance.

Initially and mainly made for men, from the last season is been created a women’s collection that brings in itself the Volta’s soul but that also pays more attention to the latest trends, for a smart and fashonable woman.

VW - first women collection - lookbook

We already are into Volta shoes!

Volta Footwear – Man

Volta footwear

Volta footwear

Volta footwear

Volta footwear

VW – Volta Woman





By Anna D.


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