The Easy Rider inspired project by Gala Knörr.

Gala is a London based artist/art curator/dj/photographer/newly stylist. She possesses that kind of eclecticism that allows her to do a moltitude of creative things, managing to do them all well. She is a crazy, talented creature who can not not be noticed.

A few weeks ago she started this new project: a photoshooting inspired by art and movies where fashion is the glue, and which I really hope will be the first of an exciting series.

Inspired by  the Easy Rider’s acid trip sequence, Gala has chosen the Highgate Cemetery as location, styled all the models and took the shots. “I played with the colours, inspired by painted photographs from the 20s, giving them a vintage look, with a psychedelic 60s touch. They all have a mystical aspect”, says Gala about her work, “I chose the title I WILL NOT DIE, I WILL WANDER THE WILD WATERS UNTIL ALL THE SEAS RUN DRY’ that comes from the epitaph of one of the tombstones. It was great.”

And I personally agree with her: really nice job, Gala!

easy rider

easy rider

easy rider

easy rider

easy rider

easy rider

easy rider

easy rider

easy rider

easy rider

Photos: Gala Knörr

Styling: Gala Knörr

Models: Alicia Perez, Laura Sampedro, Sebastian Huesa, Michaela Meadow, Ksenia Vashchenko, Gala Knörr



By Anna D.


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