Masculine, oversize sweater/jumper + skirt: this is definitely one of my favourite styles ever. It is sporty and femminine at the same time. The more looks I see, the more I feel happy and excited about it. It will be difficult during winter time wearing skirts with thin tights, or no tights at all (for the bravest)…but I would personally give it a try just because I love it too much!

Nice touch if you want to add a cool beanie and if you want to try the high knee socks&brogues combo instead of tights.

And  because I really like this trend, my mood of this week is strictly connected with it: back to my hometown for a week I feel relaxed and confident enough to try the FemmiLine (femminine+masculine) style myself. I will definitely work on it, but I think that for a start it is not so bad 🙂

To try at home and outside.

Sweater Cheap Monday, skirt &Other Stories, shirt COS, shoes Topshop, beanie Topshop, socks &Other Stories.

mood of the week

mood of the week

mood of the week

mood of the week

mood of the week

mood of the week

By Anna D.


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