33 years old and i-D Mag is looking very good!

A-Z of Wink_i-D Mag

A-Z of Wink

After all this time the stylish magazine founded by designer and former Vogue art director Terry Jones, and acquired last year by Vice, is still winking at us through the most controversial models, designers, stars of the moment. And, to show that it has not lost its sparkle, i-D has just re-launched the website, full of new and inedited contents.

I have to say that the website actually looks really good! Vice’s sources got me the perfect piece: the “A-Z of Wink” is one of the strongest pieces, a video featuring worldwide supermodels such as Cara Delevingne, Natalia Vodianova and Miranda Kerr, alongside with J.W. Anderson and Rick Owens, recreating 26 covers coming from the Magazine’s archives. In case you were wondering the music is from Jackson And His Computerband – Arp #1.

Isn’t it just amazing?!


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