All I want for Christmas…

200 Cigarettes (by Risa Bramon Garcia – USA 1999 – with Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck, Dave Chapelle, Curtney Love, Paul Rudd, Kate Hudson, Christina Ricci, Guillermo Diaz, Angela Featherstone, Gaby Hoffmann, Janeane Garofalo, Jay Mohr, Martha Plimpton, Nicole Ari Parker).

200 cigarettes

This movie for me is like chocolate: always wanting it and I never say no whenever I have get the chance to have another round of it. It is bold, shiny, slightly over the top, specially in terms of style, due to the eccentric time it is been released, with a wide range of great actors and interesting soundtrack. 200 Cigarettes has that underground overview that makes you excited for living in a big city, and shows you snatches of personal, everyday stories that have the power to connect you with the characters.This is why I love it so much! It is also perfect to watch around Christmas time, and finally I have got the chance to convert it into one of my “Cinema & Fashion” pieces. It might not be the best or the most acclaimed movie ever, but it is nice and I personally like to watch it. I enjoyed every single moment of this process, especially because I had the perfect excuse to watch it for the millionth time, without feeling crazy or a bit autistic 😀

Check the styles out…just in time for Christmas!!

200 cigarettes

200 cigarettes

200 cigarettes

200 cigarettesThis is a gif. Click on it!

LOOK ONE – Christina Ricci as Val

200 cigarettes

200 cigarettes


1.River Island  2.necklace Topshop  3.black tights  4.&Other Stories  5.River Island  6.Topshop  7.Topshop

LOOK TWO/THREE – Nicole Ari Parker as Bridget and Angela Featherstone as Caitlyn

200 cigarettes


1.Bernstock Speirs at Liberty  2.Accessorize  3.Topshop  4.Accessorize  5.&Other Stories  6.Topshop  7.coat &Other Stories


1.Topshop  2.Topshop  3.&Other Stories  4.Topshop  5.Topshop  6.Zara  7.&Other Stories  8.&Other Stories

LOOK FOUR – Curtney Love as Lucy

200 cigarettes


1.&Other Stories  2.Essie  3.Zara  4.Topshop  5.Topshop  6.rings &Other Stories  7.Mac

LOOK FIVE – Kate Hudson as Cindy

200 cigarettes

500ifull200 cigarettes


1.&Other Stories  2.bracelet &Other Stories  3.Topshop  4.Topshop  5.Accessorize  6.Topshop

LOOK SIX – Casey Affleck as Tom

200 cigarettes

200 cigarettes


1.Forever 21  2.bracelet Topman  3.Cheap Monday  4.Asos  5.Kokon To Zai  6.Topman  7.necklace Cheap Monday

By Anna D.

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