Slip-on some style!

My madness for shoes is by now well-known, and it is becoming more and more acute. I do not fight it anymore…to be honest I never tried to stop myself for trying to get my hands on a nice pair of shoes. Lately I am really into those that seem to be the most comfortable shoes on Earth: the slip-on sneakers. Vans is probably THE brand for slip-ons, due to the easy-to-wear shape, with no laces, perfect for skate. This Winter Céline’s new exciting version added a high end style to these basic shoes, that are now becoming the must have of the season. I love the pony hair version, whether it is simple plain black or leopard.

Nice, really!

slip-on sneakers

steve madden

Steve Madden

steve madden2

Steve Madden

slip-on sneakers



kurt geiger2

Kurt Geiger

kurt geiger

Kurt Geiger



river island

River Island

By Anna D.


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