Goosebumps Mag has gone LAB.

Goosebumps Lab is a 3D Printing Design Studio founded by Philip, industrial designer with a background in professional 3D printing. Philip can 3D print your objects, modeling by 3D graphic softwares and customize them. Philip and Anna, her fashion designer colleague, are also experimenting and creating objects and jewellery hoping to get you goosebumps.

goosebumps lab

We always knew that being just an online magazine was not enough. We believe in creativity, uniqueness and beauty. We also love make our ideas real and tangible. This is why we found in 3D printing the answer for our needs.

Philip is the expert one: he knows how to create softwares and graphics. Basically he knows how to run a 3D printer. I, on the other hand, love fashion, and 3D printing is opening a wide new world of opportunities and experimentations to visionaries. Just have a look at these websites: continuumfashion.com , 3dprintingindustry.com . If you like our way to look at fashion, here through Scissors Closets & Streets, if you enjoy and have fun with Goosebumps Mag, you will appreciate what we (Philip in particular) will do with our 3D printer.

Goosebumps LAB services are available at www.3dhubs.com and goosebumpslab.com. Also, like us on facebook and twitter. We are based at the lovely  Hackney Downs Studios, in Dalston, London.


goosebumps lab

By Anna D.

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