A night in style.

March 7th does not mean anythig to you? Think twice. Still nothing? I give you a clue…

the grand budapest hotel

By now you all should know the answer…well I want to believe so because, if you are SCS readers, you love cinema as we love it and appreciate Wes Anderson’s movies, you should be more than aware that today is the day: The Grand Budapest Hotel is in cinemas!

Ok, probably I am a bit over excited because I am madly in love with Anderson’s style and stories, and I spent the past few months checking for news and selecting images regarding this movie, but give me the fact that the guy is actually making very particular and catching movies.

I also particularly appreciated the the i-D Magazine article by Francesca Dunn, about “20 ways to turn your life into a Wes Anderson movie”, in line with my mood of today. A fun piece that needed to be mentioned. To read the whole article click here.

Very soon I will enjoy this movie, comfortably sat in front of the big screen of my nearest cinema. Lovely day!

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By Anna D.


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