When Beauty is the main character.

la grande bellezza

La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty)

Director: Paolo Sorrentino

Screenplay: Paolo Sorrentino, Umberto Contarello

Starring: Toni Servillo, Carlo Verdone, Sabrina Ferilli

Costume designer: Daniela Ciancio

“When I came to Rome, at the age of 26, I fell pretty swiftly, almost without realising it, in what might be defined as the whirl of the high life. But I didn’t just want to live the high life, I wanted to become its king. I didn’t just want to go to parties. I wanted to have the power to make them a failure.”

Jep Gambardella is a great writer and an art expert, with a beautiful penthouse located in the best area in Rome, a lot of admiring friends and a life with all the comforts one can ask for. At 65 years old he is still the enfant terrible he used to be when he was in his twenties. His rooftop parties are still the best and exclusive in town, with plenty of expensive drinks, beautiful women and drugs. Nothing seems too impressive, or scandalous, or eccentric to him. His face doesn’t show particular emotions: his cheeky grin never leaves his face and he is always up for sarcastic comments about serious and less serious things, although he is always extremely polite.

But something seems to be changing lately: after the news of the death of his first and everlasting love, a woman he used to date in his youth, and that he left for his most powerful love for the high life, Jep starts to look at his life in a different way, as he was projected outside himself, looking at things from a different perspective. He keeps his cheeky face for his friends, but he looks past his endless parties, to focus on beauty of things and landscapes that his adoptive city, Rome, has to offer.

I find Jep’s character, skillfully interpreted by Toni Servillo, extremely charming. His way to look at things and the explanation of his point of view about every topic can be taken as incredibly arrogant, but his politeness and the witty way he plays with the words (after all he is an award-winning writer and art critic) makes it impossible to hate him. On the contrary he actually attracts more people: he is the most inviting flower from which all the bees want to draw.

la grande bellezza

la grande bellezza

la grande bellezza

la grande bellezza

Behind this amazing movie there is also a great director. Paolo Sorrentino is a master for showing through the right images what’s going on inside every character, especially Jep. The beauty of Rome is widened thanks to Sorrentono’s talent with the camera: we see what Jep sees, we see through his eyes in a way that only few movie directors are capable to do.

la grande bellezza

la grande bellezza

la grande bellezza

la grande bellezza

There is also plenty of style in this movie. Daniela Ciancio, the costume designer, focuses her attention to the characters: every single outfit is the explanation of a certain feeling and personality of the character, and works together with the landscapes, caught by the movie director. The ultimate result is stunning…it makes me literally emotional.

This is the kind of movie that perfectly explains a job well done!

la grande bellezza

la grande bellezza

la grande bellezza

la grande bellezza


la grande bellezza

la grande bellezza-look1

1.M&S  2.Asos  3.Mango  4.Tom Ford  5.COS  6.Office


La Grande Bellezza

la grande bellezza-look2

1.Cheap Monday  2.River Island  3.Topman  4.Topman  5.M&S  6.Uniqlo


la grande bellezza

la grande bellezza-look3

1.Topman  2.Topman  3.Topman  4.COS  5.River Island

By Anna D.



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