Very Good Girls

Director: Naomi Foner

Screenplay: Naomi Foner

Starring: Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Olsen, Boyd Holbrook

Costume designer: David Tabbert

Many things happen to best friends Lilly and Gerri in the summer after the end of their High School career and before the beginning of a new chapter of their lives. It is the summer when they have to deal with big and serious things happening in both their totally opposite families, but it is also the summer when their friendship is put to the test for the first time all because of love. In fact, they both fall in love with the same guy, the loner artist/photographer David who, from his side, is in love with the reserved Lilly.

very good girls

very good girls

very good girls

very good girls4

Ok, it seems another “soft teen love story movie”, fair enough…it is not the deepest, most controversial movie ever, but that does not make it less interesting or worthy of attention. I think it is actually something. First of all, it goes beyond the topic of a mere love story: it explores youth and friendship and the first difficulties of growing up. But also, more than the topic itself, what I appreciated the most are the details and the images that director Naomi Foner managed to catch through the camera (by now my love for well done images in movies is overly known 😀 ). The overall result is very successful and rightly expresses the feeling of lightness and freshness that is part of being young.

very good girls7

very good girls8

very good girls6

very good girls5

very good girls12

very good girls14

very good girls13

very good girls11

This is, of course, another movie that I happily want to add to the category Cinema & Fashion: costume designer David Tabbert deserves some recognition for choosing cool outfits, perfect for the summer festivals mood we are all in during this time of the year. The two girls look fantastic in each and every outfit.

I sincerely liked this movie. I hope I am not the only one 🙂

LOOK ONE – Gerri

very good girls16

very good girls17

very good girls - look 1

1.Zara  2.Zara  3.H&M  4.H&M  5.&Other Stories  6.Etsy

LOOK TWO – Lilly + Gerri

very good girls3

very good girls - look 5

1.New Look  2.Avarcas menorquinas  3.Petit Bateau  4.H&M  5.Topshop

very good girls - look 2

1.H&M  2.Levi’s  3.Monki  4.Superga  5.Etsy  6.Zara

LOOK THREE – Lilly + Gerri

very good girls9

very good girls - look 4

1.H&M  2.H&M  3.H&M  4.Yamaha acoustic guitar

very good girls - look 3

1.H&M  2.Toms  3.H&M  4.H&M  5.Zara

By Anna D.


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