World Wide Web spots you can’t miss.

In my daily online strolls I tend to get lost in a matter of minutes. I diligently open one tab, I check my email, a few minutes in facebook and then, ten minutes later, I find myself dealing with an average of fifteen new tabs opened in various websites and blogs.

It is sometimes overwhelming, but also extremely exciting: the discoveries I make keep me informed, maintain my creativity alive, give me ideas for new recipes, provide me with beauty and style tips, keep me updated regarding music, movies and trends. I use all these tools to basically build my lifestyle, like most of us do.

Now, I love new discoveries, but I also have a list of websites that I find extremely interesting and useful for many reasons, a list that I would like to share.



Founded in 1998, WGSN is the world leading trend forecasting agency that offers services to fashion and design industries, as well as data analytics and expert consulting. It is known for its ability to assess global design trends and predict what will appear on the runway and in store years in advance.

Its blog and Instagram platform represent for me a great source from where I gather informations towards new trends or simply to see what is happening around the world, since they always post photos from the latest catwalks, music festivals and various other events. Amazing!

La Garçonne



Glasshouse Journal


The Glasshouse Salon is part of the studios based at the Netil House, in Hackney. It specialises in modern haircuts and colours, and every Saturday it also offers manicure services. All the products used contain natural and nourishing ingredients, which aim to enrich and repair the hair.

There is no doubt that this is a great salon (trust me, I tried it myself and I loved it!) but what I want to focus on is the online journal: a very inspirational collection of very beautiful things gathered from daily life, from the latest haircut trends (of course!), to simple and healthy breakfast recipes, from beauty tips, to book reviews, design and photography talents, movie icons and polished editorials.

I just love it!

…more discoveries in the next post…

…to be continued!



By Anna D.




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