Second round.

So, here I am with a new bunch of great websites I visit on a regular basis and from which I take great inspiration, in order to build and enrich my lifestyle. Some of them are well known and established sites, others are fairly new and definitely going towards the right direction.

Here’s the second, but not less important than the first, list.



This blog on Tumblr is like a huge library of cool images. An amazing collection of pure style and beauty.

This is probably the source that I use the most for inspiration and styling tips: sometimes images work way better than words!




I simply think that Farfetch is great! Over 400 carefully selected independent boutiques from all around the world, and more than 1000 labels are reunited in this one amazing e-commerce platform, founded in 2008.

When you shop through Farfetch, you basically pick the products from the boutiques that sell them, because the website itself directs you to them, so you get to know new great shops while you are buying what you love!

And then there is the editorial section, where you can shop the looks and choose what you like the most from the latest trends.

It is the unique way that Farfetch approaches fashion that makes the difference. And it works!


The Creators Project


Part of the Vice family and with Intel as founding partner, since 2009, the year of its launch, The Creators Project has been featuring the works of forward thinking people coming from different backgrounds, who use technology to express their creativity and explore new ways to communicate and connect.

Also, many well established artists are included to the list of over 600 creators form all over the world, such as Karen O, The xx, Daft  Punk, Florence and The Machine, Animal Collective and more.

Open your mind with The Creators Project!




Of course Net-a-Porter is in the list! This is THE luxury fashion destination since 2000, when this amazing e-commerce platform has been founded.

Part of Net-a-Porter are also Mr Porter, the online destination for men’s style, The Edit, my favourite, the digital magazine, as well as the printed version, Porter Magazine, and the youngest of the family, The Net Set, a brand new online app where shopping becomes social.

Also, great editorial contents, beauty tips, fashion muses, latest trends, street style…Net-a-Porter offers the ultimate 360° shopping experience!


The Sartorialist


Before blogging and cool hunting went mainstream, before all the books related to this blog were published, there was just a photographer who wanted to capture with his camera the connection between fashion and daily life. This is the time when I started following  Scott Schuman‘s blog, The Sartorialist, when I wanted and needed to see the changes of fashion through people on the streets.

I have always loved the fact that it is actually us, the society, that influences fashion, the same way fashion influences us: we grow together, side by side. What The Sartorialist shows is the best side of this relationship.

I had  to have it in my list!

I definitely have many more great platform/blogs/websites that I often browse on a daily and weekly basis. I consider this as the essential list that keeps me excited and well informed.

Looking forward for new discoveries!

By Anna D.













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