Aesthetics is all about what we personally think is good or not good enough for us. It is all about taste and preferences. This is also what make us unique and special: we create our own personality based on aesthetics because we live in a reality that puts us closely together, comparing with one another…it is inevitable.

What I find interesting in all this “confrontation” is that we can have a better choice of what we think is good for ourselves and what we want to be, but especially what we want to take and keep from this gigantic mess that is this reality and make it ours. After all, it is still up to us: our choices create aesthetics.

My goal, through this blog, is to pick my good things: everything I find interesting, fascinating, involving, funny, refreshing, eccentrinc…simply because it is a better reminder of what I want, what I like and what great stuff reality can give me, from the creations coming from Fashion per se (Scissors), from people’s own style (Closets) and from the City itself, the place we all live in (Streets).

I am sharing it because…I like “confrontation”.

My name is Anna and this is my idea of aesthetics.

Scissors, Closets & Streets is part of Goosebumps Magazine.


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